Cookware – What’s New In Cookware?

As in most other industries, the cookware industry are constantly coming out with new lines and innovations. Some of the new lines are only available in gourmet or specialty shops and are sure to be expensive.

Regalware has a new cast iron cookware with a twice-fired ceramic exterior. It’s available in Royale Blue or Brick Red. As opposed to older cast iron cookware, this new ceramic exterior will work on any cooking surface, including glass top stoves.

I had to give up my old-fashioned black cast iron skillets when I bought my new stove because I didn’t realize how badly they could scratch the surface. Ceramic coating keeps its good looks for years.


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The interior of the cookware has a non-stick surface that makes clean up a breeze. It also has special handles that give you a secure hold on the cooking utensil and stays cool to the touch.

Chinese food continues to be popular and Clad Metalcrafters is offering two new open stock stir fry pans. The pan features a triple layer disk of stainless steel and aluminum that is permanently bonded for fast and even heat distribution.

This is important especially when you are cooking beef, chicken, or pork.

Mirro has introduced a new set made of aluminum and stainless steel, which boasts of durable, easy grip plastic handles that are easily handled.

The eight-piece set with a non-stick interior sells for less than $40 in many retail stores.

Another innovative product is Bradshaw International’s new line of flex form bake ware. It is more expensive than regular bake ware but more and more people are learning of the advantage of the silicone bake ware.

The cost is slowly coming down as they develop a special line to be sold in grocery stores and mega discount stores. The line is called Flexform and will include:


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1 9” Round Cake Pan
2 6 Cup Muffin Pan
3 12 Cup Mini Muffin Pan
4 8” x 4” Loaf Pan
5 8” Square Cake Pan
6 11×17” Baking Sheet

Wilton Baking Accessories Company has introduced a stylish serving food centerpiece that can be used for special occasions and holidays.

The name of the new device is Cupcakes ‘N More and can be used to display cupcakes, petit fours, tarts and brownies. It’s attractively made with a durable non-chip, non-toxic silver color metal finish. Spiraled wires hold the food items in place.

Periodically dusting with a soft, dry cloth is the key to maintaining your brass chandelier.

If it gets dirty enough to need a more intense cleaning, use a gentle dish soap and warm water to clean it. Don’t forget to dry after washing.

Do not use an ammonia-based cleaner because this will cause tarnishing.

If your brass chandelier is tarnished and you haven’t used an ammonia-based cleaner, first determine whether or not it’s solid brass.

Try sticking a magnet on it; if the magnet stays on, your chandelier is made of steel-plated brass. In that case, the tarnish you are seeing is likely rust and can be removed with steel wool.

After removing the rust, your next decision is whether to have it re-plated. If you don’t want to have it re-plated, you can choose to paint it.

A solid brass chandelier which has tarnished is relatively easy to clean. First use a brass cleaner to get the tarnish off.

Once it has been removed, follow up with clear lacquer spray paint.

When purchasing a brass chandelier, remember that it is not intended as a main light source. Chandeliers are hung for the elegance and grace they add to almost any room. Brass chandeliers come in many sizes, so they are appropriate anywhere.

There are many types of chandeliers available to add grace to your home or business. If you are in the market for one, remember the long life and easy maintenance of brass chandeliers.

You’ll be glad you did.

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